About Us


1. Why Should I rent from The Corpus Christi Photo Booth?

Our photo booths are extremely practical and can be set up at any event location. We also use the best possible printing techniques to provide the highest quality photos. From our fun scrapbooks to our party props, our price is considerably lower than our competitors.

2. How does the photo booth work?

Stuff as many people as will fit inside the booth, press the button, and make a funny face. The guests will see themselves on the screen inside and the booth will take four consecutive photos within 5 seconds of each other. After the last photo is taken, the picture will print out of the side of the booth. Enjoy the new photo shots or return to the booth and try some new poses.

3. What is the standard number of hours for renting the photo booth?

Typically 4 to 5 hours, however we can provide our services for any length of time you’d like.

4. What quality of prints does your booth produce?

We use a Cannon digital camera and our photos use a Sony (dye-sublimation) printer and are photo lab quality. Our printers produce durable, water resistant prints that last a lifetime. The color photos are great and the black and white photos provide that “old school” look.

5. Can my guests choose between Color or Black & White photos?

Yes, you can allow your guests to choose for themselves. There are two buttons on the photo booth, one for color photos and another for Black & White photos.

6. How much room do you need to set up the photo booth?

Our photo booths are very practical and are made to fit anywhere our clients want. The only requirement we have is a power outlet close to the desired site with a 3-prong electrical outlet. The photo booth area takes up 4ft x 6ft floor space. We will also need space for a small table, for the scrapbook area.

7. How many people can fit in the booth together?

Our photo booths have been designed to fit three or four people very comfortably. If your guests are willing to squeeze together, many more can fit in the photo.

8. How many photos can my guests take?

All of our rental packages include UNLIMITED photos.

9. What is needed to reserve a photo booth?

All The Corpus Christi Photo Booth requires is a signed contract and a 50% deposit.

10. When is the final payment due? What payments are accepted?

The last payment is due at least 10 days before your event. We accept Cash, MasterCard, Visa, Discover, etc.

11. What does your photo strip look like?
Click here to view an actual photo.